Where Can I Buy Natural IGF-1?

When evaluating deer antler velvet and deer antler spray, quality, potency and purity is paramount. One must analyze:

  • Extract ratio – how much deer antler velvet was used to create the extract
  • Deer antler velvet extract content – how much extract is in the bottle
  • IGF-1 content – how much IGF-1 is contained in the bottle

With these three pieces of information, one can get a sense of the quality and potency of a product. If these pieces of information are lacking, it is intentionally omitted by the company to hide the quality, or lack thereof, of their product.

It is very important that deer antler velvet comes from healthy deer. The best source for deer antler velvet is New Zealand, which not only has the largest supply in the world but also has the strictest laws regarding how the farms are managed. For instance, no growth hormones, antibiotics or chemicals can be used to raise the herds. Additionally, the deer are nearly completely grass fed rather than grain fed. Finally, the rules surrounding how the antlers are removed are clear – anesthesia must be administered so there is no pain to the animal, and the removal must be supervised by a licensed veterinarian.

The raw material must be processed in a manner that preserves the IGF-1 content for the supplement to be effective. Many processes can degrade the potency. Heat, alcohol and other chemicals are commonly used in traditional deer antler velvet processing methods – all of which can and do reduce the effectiveness of the product. Some companies use methods that cold processed deer antler velvet without the use of chemicals. This is ideal.

Furthermore, the processing method should increase the IGF-1 content. The only way to be sure that this has occurred is to check that the IGF-1 dosage is clearly printed on the label. This legally binds the company to the statement and presumably means that the growth factor content has been tested and verified by independent parties.

There are hundreds of deer antler velvet products on the marketplace. However, a majority of them come from questionable sources and are produced with destructive methods. Antler Farms deer antler extract is the best deer antler velvet product available today. Antler Farms is a New Zealand based company that manufactures the highest quality, purest deer antler velvet products.

Antler Farms sells two products with a 75:1 extract ratio (very high). The liquid extract contains 2,520 mg of New Zealand deer antler velvet extract and 25,000 ng of IGF-1 and other growth factors per bottle. The tablet extract contains 5,100 mg of deer antler velvet extract and 100,000 ng of IGF-1 and other growth factors per bottle. Both are one month supplies.

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